The Portage Rotary Club is doing their part in welcoming Ukrainians to this Prairie city we call Portage.

The Ukraine to Portage Fund was recently created to help civilians from their war-ravaged country, and at the June 21st rotary meeting, the club donated $500 to the effort.

Blair Hordeski, one of the fund's organizers, was at the meeting talking about the importance of the cause. As Travis Foster, fundraising chair for the club, explains, Hordeski's group gave some great insight into the fund.

"Him (Hordeski) and his counterparts are working towards trying to help Ukrainians that are coming over, trying to find work, and just kind of get their lives up and running again,' says Foster. "So, our club decided that we could definitely help them out by donating $500 here today."

The fundraising chair notes that this wasn't his first time learning about the fund, as he does follow the Facebook page dedicated to the effort.

"It definitely sounds like they're getting a lot accomplished, which is fantastic, and having them speak here today, it really was the icing on the cake as to seeing firsthand how much effort they're putting into really helping families get back on their feet."

Foster notes that this humanitarian donation is something the Rotary Club is all about and that the club is more than happy to help.