One week after reporting Portage la Prairie had the wettest year in more than five decades, our local weather observer is going deeper.

Henry Romance says the total snowfall for last month was 40.8 millimetres of water-equivalent precipitation, with 5mm of that falling in the form of freezing drizzle or rain. Romance recorded 24 centimetres of snow between December 13th and 16th.

Romance counted 766mm for the entire year, which is 3mm more than the previous record of 763mm in 2000. The next closest years were 2016 (714mm) and 2010 (711mm). Recent years saw 388mm in 2021, 366mm in 2020 and 509mm in 2019. 

When we look at the lowest years, you have to go back to 1976 when we only had 365mm. More recent low amounts include 2007 (384mm) and 2020 (366mm).