The second day of the Portage Exhibition fair brought great energy. A director with the Portage Ex, Katlyn Richaud, was very impressed with the day. She describes it as being a family event with much for everyone to do.  

“I've seen lots of families enjoying the dinosaurs and the magic shows. Everybody's loving the mounted shooting that we're having again this year. It's exciting and not everybody gets to see people riding and shooting at the same time which is a thrilling experience.”  

The horse shows were surely a highlight of the day with there being not only the mounted shooting but also barrel racing. Richaud says there are always lots of fun activities for the kids going on, she notes seeing the kids' reactions is one of her favourite parts.  

“I like being able to help people so that they get to experience things that they've never seen or done before. It’s nice to be able to bring out things that are agriculture related.” She continues, “For me, the Portage Ex is important to have lots of different little places and activities to keep the kids interested.”  

Project Patio is heading off to Eriksdale for their Creamery Days on Sunday for the last day, however, the Portage Ex will still be going on. The big entertainers are going to be the Sean Taylor Band, Don Amero, the Metis Prairie Steppers, and more.  

Take a look at the pictures from day two, and don’t forget that Project Patio is driving out to Eriksdale on Sunday. If you are out in that area, then come on down. Make sure to check out the Portage Ex Fair pictures from day one