RM of Portage la Prairie Ward 6 councillor Dale Wood will not be running for election this October. 

Wood has served for 12 years on council, and explains his decision.

"It's just time to move on and try some different things. We're busier than ever on the farm here and I'm getting older and it's harder to be two places at once," says Wood. "There are two things that affect us the most and the ratepayers. Weather just controls everything. Our roads are so important for every ratepayer or anybody that's on them every day. And it seems like it's a losing battle for us right now. Between floods and droughts, it's really hard to keep up, but it's satisfying to see them in good shape.  They're hanging in there, but like I say, Mother Nature controls things and it makes it hard."

Another things he notes is drainage, our ditching and drainage for water flow.

"Over the years, there's the southern part of my Ward," continues Wood. "There were miles and miles of ditches that were never touched or never cleaned for years. Our public works have spent a lot of time cleaning those out. And to have a spring like this with all the water around, and to see it flowing, getting out and letting the farmers on early is pretty rewarding."

Wood notes they switch the committees on which they work every few years, and adds he's worked with been with machinery, the PRRA Board and the Fort la Reine Museum.

He has the following words of advice for the councillor who will be stepping into his Ward at the upcoming election. 

"Do your homework before you do anything, if you're thinking of getting in," notes Wood. "I'll certainly help anybody. With technology now, it's not hard to text or e-mail, if anybody has any problems that we can solve. It's good, it's been fun, it's been crazy -- it's been a good experience. I hope somebody steps up and now is your chance."