The RM of Portage la Prairie discussed the potential of a policy for mosquito fogging throughout their jurisdiction in this week's council meeting. 

Councillor for Ward 3 Ryan Kontzie explains their updated decision on the issue.

"We were just trying to put a policy in place to make it a little easier for public works to implement where and when and how we fog," says Kontzie. "We decided this morning through the contractor that we'll be hiring. He says the best in those areas that we have within the RM would be Oakville and the Peony Farm. There are other areas in the RM that certainly would benefit from it, but just the way they are built and the way we would access them, the fogging would not work very well or wouldn't be cost-effective."

Kontzie says they also discussed if they would follow the City of Portage's example on fogging for as many times as they do and notes the RM just wasn't sure what would be best for their jurisdiction.

"Obviously, things are different from the city to the RM, depending on the environment around them," continues Kontzie. "Mosquitoes could be worse or better."

Kontzie says the word is spread about their schedule for fogging on their website and public media Facebook page so residents can review it and see when and where it'll be happening. 

He notes time for applications of the fogging is also supplied. 

"At this current time, we'll be following city applications as well," adds Kontzie. "For the RM, we don't do counts. The only counts that are done are in the city, so we follow those. I would fully expect the RM ones to be much higher than the city's."