Brad Erb is looking to take on another term at the helm of the Rural Municipality of Macdonald. 

The current reeve has announced that he will be running again in the upcoming election. Erb describes what pushed him in that direction.

"My decision is sparked by a number of items. We are amid a revision of our zoning by-law, which is a very big document. We're also re-doing our development plan, and those are ongoing projects that I'd like to see completed," Erb explains. "We have some capital expenses in terms of fire halls and a new administrative office that are in the early process of being developed. Those are exciting ventures that I'd like to see through as well."

Erb says another component in his decision was the fact that he still loves his position as reeve, and just isn't ready to give it up yet. 

He has spent nearly half of his political career as the reeve of the RM of Macdonald as he has enjoyed two terms (eight years) running the show. Erb talks about some of his most memorable moments from those eight years.

"The development we've had from an industrial perspective along McGillivray Boulevard that has added a significant tax base to the municipality," Erb continues. "Also, the growth within the communities from a residential perspective and the ongoing significance we've made in improved drainage in the RM. We've been working on that quite extensively for the last little while."

Erb notes his two terms as reeve have been extremely gratifying and adds he's hoping to have at least four more years in the same vein.

"It's always been a great honour and a pleasure. It comes with a lot of satisfaction in knowing that you can make a difference at the local level in people's lives. So, I've always found it very rewarding."