Despite four people opposing the idea, the RM of Portage approved a property variation request at this Tuesday's RM council meeting.

The issue that was tabled was to reduce the side yard requirement of 5 feet to 2.25 feet on the east side of a Delta Beach Property to allow for a second-story addition to the existing cabin. Owners have advised they will keep the east side roof overhang at 10 inches and install shingles on the roof, not metal, to help with snow sliding.

Council heard from four neighbours of the property who were against the idea, including Andrew Zurawsky, who says that he believes that By-laws should be adhered to.

"I think that they're there (the By-laws) to create some sort of balance between neighbours and to be fair to neighbours," explains Zurawsky.

Robin Bailey, the property owner, says that her family is just looking to add a second story.

"We bought that cabin a few years ago. It's exactly how it was, and we're just wanting to make a little bit more room for our family."

One of the suggestions from the neighbours at the meeting was to move the property over a couple of feet so that it wouldn't impede on other properties.

"We can't move it because it's fully insulated," says Bailey, noting that her family was happy to get the approval.

Reeve Kam Blight says that the RM will adjust By-laws on a case-by-case basis, which he adds can be very difficult.

"There was not a lot of structure in place back when a lot of the lots and cabins were originally put into place, and so there's a lot of properties that are somewhat overlapping," he continues. "It's not an easy area for us to navigate them."