A weather system is expected to bring 15-20mm (about 0.79 in) precipitation across much of southern Manitoba this week.

According to Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure (MTI), this could result in a higher crest or a second crest at some locations on the Red River, depending on the amount of precipitation received.

MTI reports the Red River remains near its crest at Drayton, North Dakota. The forecast for the Red River in Manitoba is under review and will be updated later on the flood sheets and hydrographs.

There is a risk of minor to moderate flooding in the eastern region including the Roseau and Rat rivers and the Whiteshell Lakes area.

As of Saturday, pumping operations are underway at Brunkild, Morris, Dominion City, Rosenort, Emerson and St. Adolphe

The province says Highway 75 is expected to remain open based on the current forecast.

Since Friday, the Red River has climbed 11.5 inches at Emerson to 779.48 feet, nine inches at Morris to 764.4 feet, and 6.5 inches at Ste. Agathe to 755.68 feet.

The Roseau River has gone up over 3 inches at Gardenton to 962.68 feet, up 13.5 inches at Dominion City to 775.09 feet, and risen nearly an inch at Stuartburn to 947.54 feet.

The Rat River climbed more than eight inches at Otterburne to 764.81 feet.

The Seine River near Ste. Anne has risen almost three inches to 830.72 feet.