Portage la Prairie RCMP have been out and about watching for speeders and they're hoping you're not one of them.

Sgt. Larry Neufeld says they handed out over 180 speeding tickets in July, with the bulk of them coming on the bypass and in the construction zone.

"People are setting their cruises in the 110 zone, forgetting to pay attention to the speed limit signs as they're entering, or coming close to Portage," says Neufeld. "When they're going around the bypass, we have members that will be there waiting for them to remind them to slow down. We see all the stats out there, and the reports of collisions, all due to excess speed."

They know you have heard this message many times, but some drivers are still not getting it, and officers want you to get to your destination safely. He asks you to pay attention to the speed limit signs, as some people have been caught going way too fast, in multiple areas.

"People are forgetting to reduce their speeds and they're already driving in excess speed in the 110, and when they come around the bypass, they'll be doing in excess of 120 or 125 kilometres an hour," says Neufeld. "We have seen some really large numbers, and last week, we had one at 211 kilometres (an hour)."

A report from the Manitoba RCMP showed there have been 10 more fatal crashes and 31 more road fatalities in 2023 compared to last year.


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