Police officers were a bit busier this year than in November compared to last year.

Well-being Checks were up by 29 percent, they jumped from 84 calls in 2021 to 108 this year. 

Breach of Peace incidents are up 13 percent from 106 to 120, with increases occurring in Forcible Confinement up 200 percent from 3 to 9, Robbery/Extortion/Harassment/Threats up 20 percent from 76 to 91 and Sexual Offences up 18 percent from 22 to 26.

However, some crimes in our region have gone down. 

Trafficking was down by 25 percent from 20 cases to 15. We also saw decreases in Break and Enter, down by 35 percent, from 109 to 71. The largest decline occurred in Persons reported Missing, down by 42 percent, from 81 to 47. 

You can find more statistics about how November 2021 compared to 2022 here.