The Portage la Prairie RCMP is warning home owners to ensure their properties are clean as it can help keep criminals off your lawn.

Inspector Paul Peddle says it starts off with sightlines.

"A lot of people have shrubs and hedges in front of their property and it looks very nice, but we always recommend that they keep them trimmed down to a lower level," says Peddle. "It presents an opportunity for the criminal to hide or not be seen."

Peddle suggests keeping your grass trimmed and your driveway clear, especially if you go head out of town.

"As far as the grass and the driveway, keeping it clean and tidy shows that somebody's home and is looking after the property," says Peddle. "Often what we see, if somebody goes away on vacation for weeks in the summer time, things start to become untidy. Mail piles up. It shows to the public that there's nobody home. That sends the wrong message to somebody who's looking to commit a crime in the area."