The Portage la Prairie RCMP have issued many tips this week as they try to prevent crime in the community, and the last one, involves window shopping.

Inspector Paul Peddle says criminals are on the lookout for valuables.

"As far as vehicles and property, valuables should never be left in plain sight. We see that the criminals are out there looking for tools, generators, those sorts of things, properties that are left in vehicle that they can quickly sell to the public and make money on."

Peddle says it's an unfortunate situation they deal with on a regular basis. He hopes you'll take the extra time to ensure you have no valuables in your vehicle.

"We find from a policing standpoint, that if a vehicle is locked, and there's no valuables in sight, then that's not going to be a target for a criminal," says Peddle. "They're going to move on to another property."