Officials with Pulse Canada, along with officials from the Government of Canada, addressed a number of key concerns during a trade mission to India last week.

One of those was India's decision to implement a 50 per cent duty on all pea imports. The other being a requirement that all Canadian pulses be fumigated with methyl bromide.

Pulse Canada's Chief Operating Officer Greg Cherewyk says these moves by India could affect what Canadian farmers decide to plant in 2018.

"By sending a signal to Canadian farmers to plant fewer pulses this year, we could be back into a place next year when India is back in the market and needs a basic source of protein to some of its most vulnerable population and not having it."

He noted it was difficult to make progress on the issue relating to the 50 per cent duty on pea imports, however he feels they are starting to build some good momentum.

Cherewyk notes the delegation is in China this week, which is another one of their priority markets.