Manitoba has announced that it is investing a pretty penny to help newcomers to our country.

Skills and Immigration Minister Jon Reyes announced Monday that the government would be spending $5.1 million through a Newcomer Community Integration Support program for 15 organizations to assist in integrating newcomers to the province.

"As refugees from Ukraine begin to arrive in Manitoba, this investment will help build a network of services and a community of care supports for all newcomers right across the province," says Reyes. "This investment also aligns with the Economic Growth Action Plan and the Skills, Talent and Knowledge Strategy to ensure newcomers are able to participate fully in the community and contribute to a growing economy."

Earlier this year, the Manitoba government issued a call for applications to service delivery organizations that directly support newcomers, drive labour market attachment and contribute to the economic growth in the province. 

Reyes notes that this funding process ensures a range of settlement providers can apply for government support for their projects. 

Manitoba Start (a business that connects workers to the workforce) will receive $3 million in funding to provide services that connect newcomers to settlement, orientation, language and employment services. The province is providing the other $2.1 million to 14 organizations for settlement projects across the province, including:

  • Portage Learning and Literacy Centre Inc; 
  • Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities; 
  • Family Dynamics; 
  • Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization of Manitoba Inc.; 
  • Immigrant Centre Manitoba Inc.; 
  • Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc.; 
  • Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network Incorporated; 
  • Newcomers Employment and Education Development Services Inc.; 
  • North West Regional Immigrant Services Inc.; 
  • Regional Connections Immigrant Services; 
  • Société de la francophonie manitobaine (SFM); 
  • Steinbach Chamber of Commerce; 

Approximately 6,000 newcomers and their families and communities are expected to benefit from these projects which will help support newcomers as they settle into the community, enhance their ability to participate in the labour market, and accelerate their overall integration and settlement in Manitoba. 

The minister adds that these projects provide integration services for all newcomers, including skilled workers with temporary work permits and international students with study permits who are generally ineligible for federal settlement supports.

The Manitoba government says that they recognize that immigration is a key priority for the province, particularly as we recover from the pandemic.