Businesses from all around Portage gathered last week for the Portage and District Chamber of Commerce Business award gala. PortageOnline caught up with Paul Stanley from Principle Supply, who received the Most Outstanding Business of the year!

Principle Supply provides good and supplies in bulk such as tables, chairs, and matresses. 

Stanley says the business has had jump a few hurdles these past few years while expanding outside the borders. 

"We'd be two years ahead if we'd learn faster. So, realizing that working in other cultures and communities, like up north has been a steep learning curve, but we've loved it. It's changed us, and we've learned a lot."

He also notes that he could not have been in business for eight years without his team members. 

"I don't mean I could do some of it. I couldn't, like literally; these guys are the ones in the community's week after week."

Stanley concludes by saying how excited he is to see where his business will be in the future.