The Portage Regional Economic Development Corporation has revealed its second quarterly review for 2022, with a big emphasis on showcasing how Portagers have helped them out.

PRED chair Preston Meier says that all you have to do is take a look around town to grasp what the organization has accomplished so far this year. He goes into detail on the success of PRED’s most delicious endeavours.

“We want to congratulate everybody for helping and supporting Burger Days,” explains Meier. “Which invested just over just under $100,000 back into community restaurants at a time where they certainly needed it.”

He adds as they look forward to the rest of 2022, the goal is to figure out how they can get everything ready for PRED to stay as successful as it has been. Meier uses a very apt word when describing the organization's influence in Portage.

“We call it the Quarterback in the industry,” notes Meier. “Their role is to bring all of the partners and stakeholders, management and government and so on all together to really help and support anybody that's looking to, one, start a new business, second, expand an existing business. Whether it be through employees, whether it be through investment or whatever else.”

He hopes that PRED’s supporters continue to show the willingness to allow local businesses in Portage to thrive.