The Liberal government's current platform pledge to defund pregnancy crisis centres has hit home in Portage la Prairie. The Prairie Pregnancy Centre is concerned over losing its charitable status.

Executive director Mary Loewen says the Liberals made the announcement some time back, and have been reminded.

"The NDP government is encouraging the Liberal government to make good on their promises," says Loewen. "That is a very real threat for us as a pregnancy centre. We are part of a group called Pregnancy Care Canada that has over 80 centres across Canada. And they will be targeted as well. They say that we are giving false information and misrepresenting the truth."

The centre started up just four years ago, and Loewen notes they're thankful for the people that are trusting them to come and to allow them to serve these people. 

"We believe in being honest, full of integrity and up front," continues Loewen. "We are a Christian charity and we are at risk to lose that charitable status."

She adds lawyers are working on the situation through the Canadian Council of Christian Charities and Pregnancy Care Canada.