Men In Kilts and Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment has been somewhat cursed in its pursuit of putting on a show for the community. 

The band was initially scheduled to play at the William Glesby Centre on St Patrick's Day, but due to COVID-19 was rescheduled to April 14. That makeup date had to be scratched, too, due to the storm that took southern Manitoba, well... by storm.  

Stefanie Dunn, executive director of Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment, says that this show has definitely been a thorn in her side.

"I have to laugh about it because we just continue to pivot and adapt and navigate to these crazy circumstances. First, the pandemic and now this unseasonable storm. I think the frustration is that we're trying so hard to get back into 'normal activity' at Prairie Fusion. We're trying to welcome our audiences back. We're trying to finish up our spring programming to move both feet ahead into planning for fall, and we keep getting a number of setbacks thrown our way." 

She notes that the new-new postponement date is later this year in the fall, on October 14. 

Typical of Dunn's optimistic attitude, she finds a silver lining in all of this.

"The good news is we are not going anywhere. We are very resilient, and we will continue to be around. We're going to keep bugging the community to come to support us for many, many years because we can get through all this, and we just really, really know that we're going to come out stronger." 

Dunn says that tickets already purchased will still be valid for the new date and if that doesn't work for you and you want a refund, you can contact Prairie Fusion.