Portage's main road has been under construction for months now, but how do Portagers feel about the work being done?

The Saskatchewan Avenue West project has led to roads in Portage opening and closing to accommodate the construction, and PortageOnline caught up with some community members to see how they feel about it.

The project will range from improving water drainage systems, as well as beautifying Portage's main road.

Judy says all of the pain of the moving construction will be well worth it once they can cut the ribbon on the new and improved Saskatchewan Avenue West.

"I'm happy for it because we've had a lot of things in the past that wasn't proper," explains Judy. "I see they're putting in new water things, too, and stuff like that, I think it's going to be terrific."

She adds, as someone who doesn't drive too quickly anyway, the reduced speeds due to the construction haven't been too much of a headache for her.

Sam notes it can be tricky to figure out which roads to take when certain others, like Crescent Road, get closed and reopened so often. Despite that, she believes that as long as no corners are cut, it will be a welcome improvement.

"If they can get everything done in good quality," mentions Sam, "then hopefully we've got a nice road to be able to use, and that will be a big difference, as long as they don't have to fix it again in three years."

Portage's City Council has looked into recent delays in the construction and still believes that they'll complete the project by the Fall of 2024.