With the city set to start fogging for mosquitoes on June 19th, some Portagers are glad to see it finally happen.

PortageOnline took to the streets to hear the community's reaction to the start of mosquito season. Pat says she's been trying to enjoy the fresh air, but the pesky bloodsuckers have been quite a pain, or rather, itch.

"My backyard is a lot less friendly than it used to be," explains Pat. "We have a work picnic, so we're hoping that some stuff gets done."

Greg, however, took a more neutral approach, saying it's expected after the amount of rain we've seen, which has led to still water.

"I'm collecting rainwater at my house," notes Greg. "So, I'll be dealing with mosquitoes regardless."

Sheldon agrees with his sentiment and says that now is as good a time as any to get fogging.

"It's understandable with the water we've had," explains Sheldon. "I know that because I grew up in the north, where there were way more mosquitoes, bigger too."

Mio says the city needs to do what it can to get rid of the mosquitoes that have been plaguing Portage for the past while. He says it was quite a shock when he experienced his first mosquito attack this season.

"It's been pretty bad," mentions Mio. "We came back from a trip and that night, just unloading the car I got so many bites. I'm still itching."

Cat goes into detail, saying that this has been the worst year for mosquitoes since her first year in Portage, 12 years ago. She shared her immediate reaction after learning about the impending fog.

"Oh thank God," exclaims Cat. "They're really bad, they're attacking, you can't even go outside and do anything without them all over you. So, I'm anxious for the fogging to begin."

Cat says while she's been trying to get outside as much as she can, even simple things like working in her garden have been ruined by mosquitoes.

The five Portagers all agree that it's about time that the mosquito numbers in the city decreases.