Step-by-step, the Koko Platz rebuild project is getting closer to reaching its $500,000 fundraising goal. With donations coming in from across the area, this goal has quickly become more realistic.

Two groups, the Shindleman family and Portage Toyota & RV, have both happily made $10,000 donations to the effort so far.

Sandy Shindleman, the President of Shindico, says this was an easy project to support as Portage is very near and dear to his family's heart.

Sandy ShindlemanSandy Shindleman

"We believe in Portage and trying to do things for Portage. Koko Platz is a community club that we used to be able to go to at night. The door wasn't locked. So, we would go there, go inside, and turn on the lights. Take the shovels out, shovel the snow over the boards, play shinny, then go inside, warm up, shut the lights off, and leave."

Shindleman adds that he hopes to see everything succeed regarding the rebuild. 

Doug Thompson, President of Portage Toyota & RV, says he envisions the new Koko Platz bringing Portage together like the old site.

"I live very close by, so I drive by it every day and see it empty and not being used. Now that the demolition has been done to clear room for the new facility that will eventually be going up, it's good."

Adam Trudeau & Doug Thompson from Portage Toyota & RVAdam Trudeau & Doug Thompson from Portage Toyota & RV.

Thompson shares that he can't wait to see the day when families are out enjoying Koko Platz.

"Like everybody else, I look forward to being able to use the facility and strap the blades on one more time." 

Thompson notes that Portage Toyota & RV is pleased to contribute, and he would encourage anybody who can to get behind the project.

"It will be a tremendous asset for Portage and District."