Portage la Prairie School Division Superintendent Todd Cuddington took time during Tuesday night's divisional board meeting to reassure parents and caregivers about student safety.

This comes as multiple criminal incidents involving youths have happened within a matter of weeks in Portage.

"Every effort is being made to make sure that our schools are safe at all times, and a significant amount of money has been invested in personnel, programming, different initiatives to combat violence, and to make sure that students and staff are safe."

Cuddington emphasized that the school's top priority will always be to ensure the well-being of students and staff.

"If parents are concerned, the best person to reach out to is always the school principal, and then they can give the information about what's happening in the schools and the efforts that are being made." 

According to Cuddington, the data shows that suspendible violations have decreased by over 30 offences this year. He believes that this reduction is a testament to the school's efforts to combat violence.

"I think that does speak volumes about the state of our schools right now." 

Cuddington stressed the importance of focusing on positive news from the schools, which he believes far outweighs the negative stories. He encouraged people to watch for such news to maintain a balanced perspective.

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