Those who drive down Saskatchewan Avenue may have noticed Portage Collegiate Institute flying many different flags this week.

This was part of: "Together for Change Week," a week of inclusion and anti-racism, where the Portage la Prairie School Division chose to raise 30 flags over three days to celebrate.

Arthur Meighen Educator Kendra McKenzie helped organize the week for the division and explains that the 30 flags represent how many students come from other Countries/First Nations within Portage.

  • Tuesday: Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belize, Brazil, China, Congo, El Salvador, France, and Metis.
  • Wednesday: Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Oman, and Treaty One.
  • Thursday: Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Dakota Nation, and Inuit.

"This is amazing. I think that diversity brings greater understanding, and for us to just be able to come together as a community and recognize all of the diversity," McKenzie continues. "How we've been able to include all of those people within the school division and in our community has been just a beautiful thing."

She says that she has lived in Portage for 16 years and has seen the community come a long way in becoming more inclusive.

"We have had nothing but positive feedback from all of the families that we have invited to come to raise their flags. All of the different people that have just heard about it and talked to us about it have been just excited to hear that it's an initiative that we went ahead with," notes McKenzie.