The Portage la Prairie Regional Library hopes you book it down to the Library this summer and participate in their Annual Book Sale.

Jen Kendall, director at the Library, shares that the sale will be the 44th annual and runs from June 28th until September 3rd.

"We have books, movies, magazines for sale," says Kendall. "it's our biggest fundraiser of the year, and it's so great because we get to see a lot of people in the community come out to support us."

The director explains that, like many other events, the summer book sale suffered during the pandemic.

"We had to do the shortened version, and then last year, we had to push it back two months because we were on lockdown. So, I'm really hoping that this year we can kind of bring it back to the like 2019 totals. That year, we did about $13,000, and that goes towards operations collections programs. We're also looking at replacing our book drop this year, so every bit helps."

Kendall shares that their book drop at the facility has been leaking, and they need to replace it, so the books being dropped off don't get damaged.

She says they have something for everyone at the sale.

"We have books for kids, adults, a bunch of formats. We put out fresh materials every day, and when we were setting up, I actually found my favourite novel from when I was 14, and it was, it's pretty nostalgic. I think I've moved on since then, but it was nice to see."

Kendall says she's thrilled to see the community come out and support the Library.

Portage la Prairie Regional Library