The Portage la Prairie RCMP has issued a warning to the public regarding safety around water and ice.

Officers have reportedly seen people on Crescent Lake, where the ice is fragile.

The RCMP says that ice thickness measurement is only a guideline and does not always mean the ice is safe.

Safety tips from the RCMP for venturing out on the ice:

  • Teaching children about ice safety 
  • Never go on the ice alone 
  • Let someone know where you are going and when you will return when venturing onto the ice 
  • Carry items to help you get out of the water if the ice breaks up, like ice picks, ropes or a life jacket 
  • Avoid going onto the ice at night
  • Carry a plastic pealess whistle or a flashlight to signal for help 

As most lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds are beginning to freeze over in and around the Portage area, remember to stay safe and proceed with caution.

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