A massive donation was recently made toward the Koko Platz Recreation Club that's currently in the works, following the devastating fire that destroyed the old facility. And it's been supplemented by annual donations for naming rights. Portage Mutual Insurance made the contribution and President and CEO Wayne Wyborn says it's part of their strategic initiatives.

NamingWayne Wyborn making donation with Julene Toews Dewis

"Community commitment -- we believe that supporting the communities in which we live work and play is an important part of what we should be doing as a corporation," says Wyborn. "In fact, that's kind of what mutuality is all about. Basically, it's our moral obligation to value and support the well-being of our policyholders, our employees and our communities."


He explains they felt that this endeavour was a really good fit for that philosophy. 

"Being here in the community, we certainly knew that there was some fundraising initiative going on for the new Community hall and we wanted to be part of it," continues Wyborn. "We donated a one-time donation of $25,000 plus we agreed to commit another $2,500 per year for the next five years just to help them out so."

areaThe area where the new facility will be built

Wyborn adds community involvement like this is one of the best parts of his job. Wyborn adds their name is going into the community hall piece of the rec club for the next five years.