In a rich country like Canada, no one should have to go without the most basic necessities of all -- food. The Salvation Army in Portage la Prairie has a meagre inventory of supplies on its shelves.

Portage la Prairie MLA Jeff Bereza says he met with Major Brenda Hammond from Salvation Army at the food bank and saw many moms and dads with little ones. 

"They just can't afford food. It's hard to see that, but we can all do our part. From the pictures that I had sent, the cupboards are getting bare and we need to restock those cupboards with food. I'd like to say to everyone out there, make sure that you take food donations down to the Salvation Army for me. I'm also going to say that we will have a place in our office here on Saskatchewan Ave. where we'll be collecting food items, as well."

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He adds he hopes that they receive so much food that they have to make daily trips to the Salvation Army, seeing as no one should go without.

"Unfortunately, the amount of money that some of these people who can't afford to buy food hasn't really increased. As we've all seen, the price of groceries is insane right now. This isn't about somebody wanting a handout. It's just some people who need a hand up. I know that within our constituency here, there's a lot of people who would be willing to help out with this."

Salvation Army

Bereza says it's unfortunate that these people are a little down on their luck right now, but we can all do a little more to help out the Salvation Army.