Snow, wind, and power outages, oh my!

After an extra-long weekend, Portage School Division students head back to class today. Due to last week's blizzard, students have been out of the classroom since Tuesday.

The past week brought Portage la Prairie right back into the middle of winter when we thought spring had sprung. Thankfully, it looks like the worst is behind us as things in Portage are slowly starting to reopen.

The nasty winter storm shut down many Portage schools, businesses, and organizations as the city scrambled to clear the snow off the roads as quickly as they could.

Nearly every highway around Portage, including the #1 highway, was shut down to discourage travel.

After the initial snowfall had subsided, Portagers thought they didn’t have to worry about losing power in their homes. The snowfall that came on Sunday, however, did play a part in knocking out some power throughout the city, although that was mostly resolved fairly quickly.

The snow hasn’t completely left us, however, as several centimeters came down yesterday afternoon and more is forecast on Wednesday. There is a chance of either snow or rain on Friday and Saturday as well.