Tuesday night's Portage la Prairie School Division board meeting was the third last of the school year and went over a variety of topics, including:    

  • Teacher contracts being modified, extended, terminated, or they retired.  
  • A reminder that the School Board Trustee Elections are taking place on October 26th. 
  • The board approved the following purchases made out of the accumulated surplus for the fiscal year 2021-2022: A 2018 Chevy Silverado Truck for $38,987.40 and PCI Urgent Window Replacements for $70,590.00--totalling--$109,577.40 
  • The board accepted the bid of $352,520.06 by Wareham & Crowe for the Oakville School Fire Alarm, Emergency/Exit Lighting & CCTV Systems Upgrade. 
  • The PCI Entrepreneurial Showcase, which took place Tuesday afternoon. 
  • Activities are being planned for schools within the division for Anti-Racism Week (June 6 – 10.)
  • And the regular COVID-19 update from Superintendent Todd Cuddington.   

During his COVID report, Superintendent Cuddington said that there wasn't too much to touch on, something he noted was refreshing when it comes to COVID.

"We continue in level green, which means that we're continuing to do the very basic fundamentals, hand hygiene and following the recommendations. There are no restrictions or orders that are enforced right now impacting schools. We are seeing attendance creeping back up, which is great, and we anticipate that with the warmer weather, that will only improve." 

Cuddington also prepped us for the week of June 6th. 

"We are approaching the Antiracism Week, which is going to take place June 6th to the 10th, and the Portage la Prairie School Division will be an active partner working alongside PCRC and a number of other community stakeholders that are going to take part in putting this week-long event on. So, there will be activities taking place within our schools."


June 14th Board Meeting 

June 28th Board Meeting