The province advises that the Red River Floodway and the Portage Diversion have been activated. 

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure made the announcement yesterday, stating that flows on the lower Assiniboine River are expected to increase to 5,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) in the next couple of days. Subsequently, this will trigger Portage Diversion's operation system to prevent ice jamming on the lower Assiniboine River east of Portage la Prairie and control river levels in Winnipeg and areas along the Assiniboine River downstream of Portage la Prairie. The Portage Diversion gates were opened yesterday to clear out ice in the diversion channel in preparation for operation. 

The forecast peak flow of the Red River at the floodway inlet with forecast precipitation is estimated to be between 45,000 and 57,000 cfs. 

Standard operating procedures for the Red River Floodway gates require river ice to be broken up and cleared upstream of the floodway inlet.  

Water levels along the Souris and Pembina rivers are relatively low, with no significant flooding issues.

The risk of lakes flooding remains low in most major Manitoba lakes.