On October 20th and 21st, the Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) held its Annual General Meeting in Winnipeg. During the conference, local Constable Larry Neufeld was awarded with the Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer Award. Rose, a spokesperson for COPP, shares her feelings on the award.

"We decided to nominate Constable Neufeld for the award. We were just so excited. We found out a couple months ago that he was going to be accepting this award and it was hard to keep that secret. So, congratulations, Larry, we're really proud of you."

The Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer Award is given out annually to only one officer across the province. 

When presented the plaque and medal, Neufeld says he was shocked, not even aware the award existed. 

"I was honoured," Neufeld shares.  "I never really expected anything like this. I just come and present to these individuals and provide them some assistance when required. I didn't think that this would ever happen. I'm surprised and very appreciative of it."

He also says he is appreciative of everything COPP does, noting that the dedication and passion for this community goes beyond anything he has ever seen anywhere else.


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