The Portage la Prairie & District Chamber Of Commerce is electing a new president today. Shawn Roulette has been president up until today, and is pursuing another opportunity in his career. The new president will be announced shortly. Roulette weighs in on his transition. 

"I've taken an opportunity in another province -- Kenora, Ontario -- to manage a credit union there," says Roulette. "It's a great opportunity for me and my family and it's just a really good fit for my family right now, so that's where we're going."

He explains it's been an honour to work with our local Chamber.

"I'd like to thank all the members for their support, Mayor Ferris, Council, and especially our executive director Cindy McDonald," continues Roulette. "It's been great to work with the membership. It's a really good time here in Portage because Portage has a lot to offer. It has a very bright future and I know I'll be watching be from a distance. I'll still be watching for the upcoming growth, and I'll be really happy to watch as Portage goes along."

Roulette outlines his time working as branch manager for TD Bank in the community for almost two years. 

"There's been a good opportunity to meet more people in the finance industry, and we have lots of everyday people coming in. It's just been a really good way of being part of the community in the last three or four years here."

He notes, apart from working with the Chamber, he was also a board member at Portage Community Revitalization Corporation where many great things were being done in the community. 

"I'm just happy to help other people, really," adds Roulette. "People really needed some empathy in the last year or so. I really was just trying to contribute where I can try to make the town a better place."

Roulette says the chamber acquires a new president after it holds an internal election among existing board members. 

"Somebody will step up and take over," says Roulette. "The position will have an interim leader today in a board meeting, and go from there. So, I have full confidence in things moving along the same because we have very good board members who are very competent."

He extends his thanks to those who supported him, noting he was very happy for the community and feels sad to leave, but the new position he's taking on is really great for his family.  

Roulette adds Portage has not seen the last of him.

"I have family in the area, so I'll be around all the time, anyway,"  adds Roulette.