11-year–old Brodie Miller had high hopes for his iced tea stand, but even those hopes were surpassed after the community helped him raise $1,001 for Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS) over the weekend.

Miller explains that he had been wanting to do a fundraiser for a local group for some time but couldn't decide on one until his mother suggested CPCS.

"I just thought it would be nice because gas is so expensive that it would help bring them back and forth from Winnipeg."

Miller sold both iced tea and freezies at his stand.

"I thought it was going to be around $500, but I pretty much just doubled that."

Central Plains Cancer Services executive director Sharilyn Knox told PortageOnline that the money raised by Brodie and his friends was enough gas money for well over 1600 kilometres, something she says really excited the young men.

"It's so nice to see young people stepping up and understanding how it is important to support things in our community."

Miller notes that he did keep the sign for the stand, hinting that he might host another one in the future. For now, the 11-year-old says that it feels just as sweet as iced tea and freezies on a hot day to help people, especially those in need. 

Brodie MillerBrodie Miller in studio