The long-awaited North Norfolk Off-Leash Dog Park is finally open for dog owners looking to allow their pets the opportunity to let loose.

Kennedy Hardinge, board chair for the dog park, says this has been following two years of hard work, fundraising, and working around the COVID-19 pandemic. She adds it brings a smile to her face knowing that people are using it every single day.

"Seeing people use it and being able to go there every day, it's an amazing feeling to see that completed," notes Hardinge. "We've heard lots of positive feedback. Anytime I drive by, there's always somebody there and I think everybody is really enjoying it."

She says the dog park is not only up-to-date but also has some advancements that some dog parks wouldn't have. One of these changes includes separated areas so that dogs can play with other dogs of their own size.

"We just started putting up some equipment in the park as well, so on the large dog side, we've started a large ramp," explains Hardinge. "Then, for the small dog side, we've put in a tire tunnel and we are in the process of finishing a small dog ramp as well."

She explains the park is visible on Google Maps and is located on the corner of Moore Street and Railway Street.