Peak of the Market Ltd. has announced a $100,000 contribution towards creating a Research Chair in Potato Sustainability at the University of Manitoba. 

The goal is for industry and the university to work to make Manitoba a world leader in cutting-edge potato research and education to support the province’s fourth most valuable crop.

“To us at Peak of the Market, sustainability means having a positive impact on people, the environment and our community,” said Pamela Kolochuk, CEO, Peak of the Market Ltd. “We are committed to working closely with growers and the potato industry by supporting environmentally sustainable production practices at the farm level, helping to invest in the education of the next generation of leaders, reducing the amount of waste generated in our business and giving back to food insecure communities. By working closely with the University, we not only ensure the health and viability of current agricultural practices, but we also ensure that graduates have a place to hone their skills and provide a high-level of industry stability for many years to come.”

“With the help of industry leaders, like Peak of the Market Ltd., the potato industry is poised to be the biggest and most innovative in the country,” said Dr. Nazim Cicek, Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Manitoba. “Industry working together with the University is the key to developing outstanding research and educational programs to ensure sustainable growth and a future workforce ready to support a robust potato industry. The initial support shown by industry partners is a testament to the fact that there is huge potential to realize both academic and industry outcomes that rival any in the world.”