The Portage Community Revitalization Corporation's (PCRC) Green Team has disbanded for 2023 following a summer of keeping the community clear of graffiti.

Executive director Mari Kozar says 33 pieces of graffiti were covered up by the team. They would clean the areas by either recovering the surface with paint or using a specialized graffiti remover on metal surfaces.

"There was a mix of public and private spaces throughout our city," explains Kozar. "We're very fortunate to be able to cover those up. We get calls about some regular places, and then we'll have new ones pop up every year, so it's always different."

On top of dealing with the graffiti in the city, they also helped out the Portage Rotary Club with their Duck Pond Rejuvenation Project. They also completed 27 targeted garbage cleanups in various public areas.

"We're very fortunate to have summer students at PCRC, and we love to be able to offer employment opportunities to youth in our community," says Kozar. "We've had lots of people reach out wanting to partner with the Green Team. They helped out with Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment with some cleanup, and different organizations, too."

Kozar is excited to have the Green Team return next summer.

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