The Portage Collegiate Junior Boys basketball team has a new logo courtesy of Mckenna Sharpe.

The 15-year-old, grade 10 student says she is proud of her work and she's excited that the team plans to use it for a long time. She notes it took some time to get done, noting she wanted to incorporate the classic Trojan logo and colours in her design.

Mckenna Sharpe

"I took about a week. I started by brainstorming, by drawing out all the different variations of ways that I could make the logo," says Sharpe. "From there, I selected the best one and then I put it onto the computer, and then from there, that's where you have to draw everything by hand."

She says she used Adobe InDesign and Photoshop to finish up the logo. She says it's been a thrill to see the student body support her work by wearing the logo around school.

"Last semester, my graphic communications class was challenged to come up with a new logo, on request from the basketball coaches, to create a logo for the team," says Sharpe. "It was kind of like a contest for everyone in the class. I just entered mine, and next thing you know, I got selected, and it's going to be printed on the new uniforms and school clothing."

She says students are very fortunate to learn how to use the professional programs and she encourages students to give the class a try in the future.