The Portage Collegiate golf season is upon us. With only the Zone Championship ahead of provincials on September 23, PCI golfers are gearing up for the quick season ahead. Head coach Jo-Anne Clark-Gillespie says they held their first practice on Monday.

"They played five holes so I could just observe. I'm not looking for kids that are going to be the best golfers but I'm looking for kids that have some golf experience and know the basic rules of the game and the etiquette. When we go to zones, we don't want to be taking kids who have never golfed before," Clark-Gillespie explains.

Clark-Gillespie talks about the turnout they saw on day one.

"I had two female golfers out and five guys but I have six boys on the signup list and one more girl. I'm hoping they show up for one of the next two practices. If they come out, it looks like we're going to have a boys team and a girls team going to zones, which would be awesome."

The coach talks about how the Zone Championships are structured.

"If you want to compete for the zone banner and represent Zone 4 at provincials, you need 4-5 boys to make a team and 3-5 for the girls," Clark-Gillespie continues. "When they go and golf, the top four scores for the boys will be combined for the team score, and the girls will be the top three. If you have more kids than that, or if you don't have enough for a team, you don't compete for the zone banner but those individual golfers can compete for the lowest score and then go as the lowest scoring individual in the male or female category."

The Zone Championship goes down on Tuesday.