Preparation for next year's edition of PCI Channel 1 at Portage Collegiate is underway.

Graphic Communications Video Production Teacher Shane Sobkowich says the current news team is going to be graduating, so they're looking to the future.

"We've been preparing kind of an apprenticeship sort of thing, bringing in some of the Grade 10 and 11 students and have them learning and observing and getting comfortable," says Sobkowich. "So, next year, we have a pretty experienced news team to take over in the fall."

Sobkowich says the students are professional and work hard to put forth a good experience for the viewer. 

Shane SobkowichGraphic Communications Video Production Teacher Shane Sobkowich

"We've heard a lot of positive feedback about the news every month and PCI Channel 1. It seems to be something people are enjoying and they like to see," says Sobkowich. "So, we want to keep it going just as strong as it has been going."

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