The 50 Town Tour for Portage-Lisgar MP Brian Pallister is at the halfway point.

Every year, Pallister tours the riding hearing from his constituents about the issues.

He will also be distributing his questionnaire which will include questions about Senate reform, tax policies, Canada's mission in Afghanistan, aboriginal property rights, and the CPP benefit.
Pallister is looking forward to the responses from the people of his riding.

Meanwhile, the federal finance committee of which Pallister is the chair has begun its tour across the country.
The committee has the responsibility of going out and gathering views on what should or should not be included in the next federal budget.

Pallister says this is an important process as the federal government spends 200 billion dollars of taxpayers' money each year.
Infrastructure and post secondary education are some of the main issues brought up so far.

The committee has toured places such as Vancouver, Whitehorse, and Saskatoon.
Pallister was also pleased that the people of his riding got a chance to voice their opinions as there was a meeting held in Portage.