Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) was recently given 31 acres from the Portage Creek to help the conservation effort.

Landowner Cal Cuthbert says the land has been held by his family for the past four generations and it was also where he grew up. He notes he and his wife, Elaine, are avid birdwatchers so they wanted to make sure they could keep the land from changing in the future.

"It would be really special just to make sure it's going to be here 50, 75, 100 years down the road," explains Cuthbert. "That's the primary reason we went with a conservation easement."

He adds the area is a good cross-section for biodiversity. He describes it as almost a snapshot of all the different habitats the province has to offer.

"It's special from that regard, and you know when some of those areas are gone, they're gone forever," mentions Cuthbert. "This way, it's protected and going to stay there for a long time for others to enjoy."

He says a lot of natural areas in the province are disappearing, so he's glad to do his part in conserving a portion of land for the species that need it most.

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