The overland flood warning for southern Manitoba has been extended until midday on Tuesday.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure is reporting that water levels on most tributaries in the Red River basin and along the Red River main stem are rising quickly in response to the weekend rainfall and will continue to rise over the coming days. Daily average temperatures around zero is slowing down the melting of the remaining snow. Daily average temperatures are expected to increase to above zero on Tuesday.

Provincial crews are deployed in a number of communities in the Red River Valley preparing for and implementing ring dike closures. A dike closure on Provincial Road 200 at the north end of St. Adolphe has started.

Provincial crews are also running pumping operations to facilitate internal drainage inside ring dike communities. Pumping operations are underway at Dominion City, Morris, Brunkild, Rosenort and St. Adolphe.

There is a risk of moderate flooding in the eastern region including the Roseau and Rat rivers and the Whiteshell Lakes area.

Since Sunday, the Red River has risen at all locations between Grand Forks and St. Adolphe, including:

  • up 5.44 feet at Grand Forks to 43.32 feet
  • up 3.23 feet at Drayton to 35.45 feet
  • up 3.30 feet at Emerson to 780.34 feet
  • up 3.41 feet at Letellier to 777.94 feet
  • up 4.05 feet at St. Jean to 774.19 feet
  • up 3.62 feet at Morris to 770.74 feet
  • up 3.41 feet at Ste. Agathe to 764.09 feet
  • up 2.60 feet at St. Adolphe to 761.52 feet

Since Sunday, the Roseau River has gone up four inches at Gardenton to 965.30 feet and one inch at Stuartburn to 949.26 feet.

And, since Sunday, the Rat River at Otterburne has climbed 2.60 feet to 771.82 feet.