Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Operation Red Nose will have to wait for another year to return to Portage.

The project is designed to give those partying over the holiday season a safe ride home. Local Coordinator Leo Lapointe says, they've put so much effort into the operation over the years, it's a shame to see it unable to happen for another holiday season.

"Even though this decision was made, the organization announced we still want everybody to make the smart decision by calling a cab, staying the night, or calling a sober friend," explains Lapointe. "With us not out there this year, we still don't want anybody else out there drinking and driving."

Despite the lack of Operation Red Nose for this holiday season, Lapointe says he's sure they'll be ready to drive in 2022. He talks about the importance of both fundraisers and volunteers for the project.

"We look forward to offering safe rides to our community again," notes Lapointe. "In the meantime, we'd like to just remind you to always plan ahead to have a safe ride home. We'll be back next year in full swing."

To view the Operation Red Nose page on the Safety Services Manitoba page, click here.