The long weekend is here and according to Shea Doherty, the Operations Manager at Our Farm Greenhouse, this is the best time to plant, well, everything!

Doherty says that the weather conditions coming up are a greenhouse's dream, noting that sunny days are the best.  

Although you should be planting your gardens now, he says you must always watch the weather to make sure that you are prepared for whatever is coming our way.  

"This May long, it's time to get your peppers and tomatoes and get everything in the garden because then, we get a good start."

Doherty doesn't want you to over or under water your plants. If it's cold, you still must water your garden.

"If itis been cloudy for two days, and then you forgot to water your plants, (and they are) sitting dry, it's not growing," says Doherty. "On the flip side, though, if it's sitting saturated, too wet, the same thing also happens where it's not going to grow as vigorously as it should be."

He ended the interview by offering an Our Farm Greenhouse tip!

"One secret that I'll let out, with your hanging baskets, especially when we come to July and August, they dry out quite fast and you may not be able to keep up with it," says Doherty. "Take the hanging basket down, put it in a wheelbarrow, and let it rest. Saturate it so the soil takes in all that water. You will only need about 15 minutes for that to do its thing. Then, hang it back up, and you're back on your regular watering routine."