Portage-Lisgar MP Branden Leslie says it was a very interesting first few weeks in his career at Parliament. He notes it was memorable to have been walked in the House of Commons with their leader, Pierre Polievre.

He notes he's been appointed to the Environment Committee.

"We're going to have an interesting meeting next week with the Premier of Alberta coming to discuss clean energy, and some of the changes that that level of government has made," says Leslie. "Of course, we had some difficult challenges with the recognition of the Nazi in Parliament. That, obviously, was appalling to everyone involved.  We're certainly happy to see the Speaker take responsibility for that."

He notes it was unfortunate that not more people involved have taken responsibility," continues Leslie. "Most of all, perhaps, I'm proud of giving my first speech in Parliament just this past Thursday (October, 5). We'll be putting it on our social media for folks to see, and it started with a lot of thank-you's to the residents of Portage-Lisgar, my family, and friends that have supported me personally."

Leslie says he's made a commitment to work hard to defend our way of life in our region, our province, and Parliament.

"It's been a very busy and intense first three weeks," continues Leslie. "It's nice to be back in the riding and to be able to talk to real people, and get a chance to be involved in the community. But I'm looking forward to going back again next week for several more weeks of what is a very busy fall session trying to hold this government to account."


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