While he might be in grade 10 right now, Karter Gurke will have a pretty significant role at MacGregor Collegiate Institute next year when he officially becomes the Student Leadership Council President.

Gurke says that it was a great feeling to win, but it wasn't unexpected.

"Honestly, I do have the leadership experience for this position, and I do have the drive to change things in our school."  

Gurke explains that his leadership will help him oversee the great group of people he calls classmates. 

He outlines some changes he would like to bring to the table.

"In recent years, we've had spirit weeks, and I actually want to move away from that. I want to move into more activities throughout the year. Like once a week, I want to revamp the point system we have. I want the class who did the best to receive a prize. So, I want to have involvement because my slogan is 'Involve yourself, evolve the school.' And involvement is my key."

Gurke continues to preach student inclusion with his presidency.

"I really want to have involvement throughout the school. I want to bring back like the 2000s. Everybody was having fun, it was a strong school, and that's what I really want. I just want everybody involved and just to have a great school year."

Gurke points out that he couldn't have achieved this without his buddy Riley Reimer who helped him write speeches and prepare for this role.

The grade 10 student, who will graduate from high school in 2024, says he is very excited about the position and hopes to do great things with his power.