The third round of NAFTA talks are set to take place this weekend in Ottawa.

John Masswohl, Director of Government and International Relations with the Canadian Cattlemen's Association, says NAFTA has been a good agreement for the Canadian beef sector, but there's still room for improvement.

"Some of the things like having to sometimes unload cattle and have them inspected at the border for things like brands and tattoos. There's meat that gets going down in a refrigerated truck sometimes having to be reinspected at the border. We can take some of that inefficiency at the border, and pick smarter ways to do those inspections."

NAFTA and CETA are currently taking centre stage regarding trade issues in the beef sector, but there's still lots of work being done on other agreements.

"We don't want to forget about the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We're still trying to salvage that, and there's negotiations that are going on in that front as well. We're trying to improve our access into China. Also, we're aware the United Kingdom is in the process of leaving the European Union, and we want to make sure we have access to that market as well. So, there's a lot of things on the to do list for sure."

Masswohl says, the seven round talks for NAFTA are scheduled to be completed by the end of December, with the fourth round taking place in Washington in the middle of October.