Although she has grown sunflowers in her backyard before, Brenda McCamis of Portage la Prairie says she had never seen one like the flower she woke up to earlier this summer.

"Either the birds, God, or somebody planted it, but it wasn't me."

After weeks of growing, the sunflower stood at 14 feet tall, according to McCamis and her tape measure.

"When people would come here, they'd go. 'Holy cow! That's getting big!'" 

McCamis illustrates that the member of the Daisy family became the talk of her neighbourhood.

"It was kind of like a conversation piece when people would drop in, how big it was getting and how big is it going to get."

Eventually, what goes up must come down. McCamis says strong winds during a storm took down the giant bloom.

"It was sad that it had to come down. I kind of joked and said my husband should have went and stood out there in the wind and held it, but anyway."

File Photo.

Although the sunflower is now a memory of the past for her and her family, McCamis says she was happy to have hosted such a beautiful sunflower for its summer stay.

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