Members of the Manitoba Municipal Administrators Association can finally log off their computers and see each other in person once again for their 91st MMAA conference.

Association president Nettie Neudorf says the conference, which started on April 24th and will run until the 27th in Brandon, is built around the theme, "agents of change." She notes they're all very excited to find solutions that are currently plaguing the province.

"We have over 300 delegates registered," explains Neudorf. "Our members are made up of CEOs, chief administrative officers, and municipal administrators throughout Manitoba. We have quite an exciting agenda, it's full of topics that are related, not only to our theme but also that can equip our members to be better in their local community to help serve the public and also to help just prepare for whatever can be ahead."

She adds, that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were unable to hold an in-person conference over the past two years. Despite that, she mentions they were still able to carry out the necessary duties for the conference.

She goes into detail on what it's like to see the members without a zoom call needed.

"When meeting people in person, you can feel the energy," says Neudorf. "We are just more hopeful for navigating through our challenges when we can meet in person. I believe that we can be more effective in our communications when you're in person."