A McCreary, Manitoba, man with the gift of gab had his highest finish ever at the Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Championship two weekends ago.

After competing against 36 other top-notch auctioneers in Lloydminster Saskatchewan, Tyler Slawinski finished first runner-up.

He says it's not an easy competition to win.

"It's judged on a certain criteria, such as clarity, voice control, clearness of voice, and voice volume," says Slawinski. "You're judged on your chant, your professionalism, your confidence, your calmness and mannerisms, enthusiasm overall, general impression, and there's also a personal interview that accounts for 20 per cent of the preliminary round."

Slawinski qualified for the next round and narrowly missed the top spot overall. In fact, the top four were so close, there wasn't even one point difference between them.

"Well, I was very humbled to be chosen for the third place overall," says Slawinski. "When you're competing, there's no competition that's ever the same. The cattle can be different. The buyers can be different. The scenarios can be different. Overall, it's almost like a bull ride. You're just going to see how you're going to do once you get into the situation."

Slawinski gave kudos to the competition, saying every single auctioneer was a true professional who could make a sale.

He has been competing in the Canada-wide competition since 2012, finishing in the top ten each time. He won the Top Rookie award as a 22-year-old in his first year. He plans to continue competing as long as he can.

Slawinski has served as head auctioneer with the Gladstone Auction Mart since 2019.

Canadian Livestock Auctioneer Championship Runner-Up Award